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DIAMONDS by Direct satisfies the most prestigious clients with true rare treasure, exceptional art jewels, and a wise jewelry investment. 

DIAMONDS by Direct

A  Jeweler You Can Trust


The fancy colored diamonds are the rarest in the world.  Statistics show that they are less than 0.1% of the total diamonds mined worldwide. Very few mines produce these colored diamonds.  Like owning a Picasso painting or Stradivarius violin, a diamond as a high end investment has the potential to increase in financial value, but will be in your hands for you to admire its rarity and beauty.  Fancy color diamonds (FCD) are traditionally a luxury item, a beautiful crown jewel in a lady’s jewelry box, a work of art, a source of pride and a symbol of prestige and status. However, with the instability of the market, as can be observed from the last decade, the role of Fancy Color Diamonds has shifted from a mere luxury good to an amazing and exciting asset worth serious investment.


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